Quality control is our company’s top priority.

The main tenet of medical ethics – “do no harm” – is taken very seriously at our company, so we are extremely mindful about the safety of our products. Peptide drugs are well known in the art for their increased safety profile and reduced toxicity compared to non-peptide drugs, and this is one of the main reasons that many of the leaders of the world research community believe that peptide drugs are the future of pharmaceutical medicine.

Our company pays great attention to the safety of each of our drugs at all stages of development. We carefully check the results of all toxicology, preclinical and clinical trials. Also we track postclinical safety of all our products.

Postclinical tracking allows us to identify rare side effects and create a full clinical picture of each therapeutic drug. In turn, this allows us to provide the most complete data to physicians, which ultimately has a positive impact on the safety of our patients.

If you have any information about any adverse events encountered in the use of our medicines, please let us know at safety@pharmabio.ru.