Managing Director of Pharma Bio LLC Y.V. Deigin presenting the company to D.A. Medvedev at the Skolkovo conference “Startup Village 2013″

Pharma Bio LLC is one of first 16 residents of the Skolkovo Fund. Since 2010, our company has been working in close cooperation with the Skolkovo Fund as part of its Cluster of Biomedical Technologies (BMT). The Fund provides the company with support in both science and business – helping the company with commercialization of its products and in the search for venture capital.

Select videos of the Skolkovo Fund featuring Pharma Bio LLC (in Russian):

  • Video of the Skolkovo Fund with Pharma Bio LLC’s Director General V.I. Deigin describing the project’s pharmaceuticals:


  • Video of the Skolkovo Fund from PMEF-2012 with Pharma Bio LLC’s Director General Y.V. Deigin:


  • Video of the Skolkovo Fund about Pharma Bio LLC’s Innovative Project for the BIO 2012 conference (Washington, USA) describing the project’s pharmaceutical product pipeline:


The Russian government clearly understand the urgent need to develop Russia’s scientific, technological and industrial base. To this end, in December 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree that paved the way for the creation of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre with five strategic areas of focus: energy efficiency, nuclear technology, IT, space and biomedical technology.

In March of 2010 , it was announced that the Innovation Centre will be localized in an “innovation town” just outside of Moscow – an area called “Skolkovo”. On September 28, 2010 the creation of Skolkovo was signed by federal law, and on December 14 of the same year construction of the “Skolkovo innovation town” began.

While the construction is in progress, current Skolkovo residents operate on an extra-territorial basis, forming a virtual cluster. The government plans to finish construction of the Innovation Centre in 2016.

The most complete information about the history, prospects and current status of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre can be found on its official website: